Dear Kwan Um Sangha; Buddha's Birthday weekend will be April 1-2, 2017! Please join us at the Providence Zen Center in Cumberland, RI, for ceremonies, games, great food and more!

Much more: We will hold a Transmission Ceremony for Ken Kessel JDPSN (Saturday) and an Inka Ceremony on Sunday. Our Precepts Ceremony will take place on Saturday afternoon. This will be a busy and well-attended KUSZ Sangha gathering. Please join us to celebrate Ken's extraordinary contributions to our Sangha, and his wise, compassionate teachings.

You may register for the weekend by clicking here.

If you'd like to contribute to our entertainment offerings Saturday evening, please contact Ames Colt at (401) 658-1476.

Here's the Weekend Schedule: SATURDAY, April 1 5:15 am  Morning practice 7:00       Trustees’ breakfast meeting & Sangha breakfast 9:00       Sangha coffee hour with the teachers 10:00     Buddha’s Birthday ceremony 11:30      Lunch 1:00pm  Transmission Ceremony for Ken Kessel JDPSN 2:30       Robe distribution to 5-preceptees and new Dharma Teachers 3:00       5 Precepts meeting and DTIT Welcoming Ceremony 4:00       Precepts ceremony 5:00       Dinner 6:00       Chanting 7:30       Evening program

SUNDAY, April 2 5:15 am   Morning practice 7:00        Trustees’ breakfast meeting & Sangha breakfast 8:00       Work period 9:30        Inka Ceremony 11:30      Lunch