In addition to the traditional array of practice opportunities, some of our centers and practice groups offer activities for children and families. These programs provide sangha members and other interested parents the opportunity to involve their children in Zen Buddhist education and mediation practice. The goal is to introduce children to our Zen tradition, while emphasizing creativity, play, and togetherness. It is our hope that these programs help create an atmosphere in which families feel welcome to bring their children to our Zen Centers for exposure to the dharma and meditation practice.  

Centers Offering Children’s Programming


For parents residing in areas that do not readily offer children’s programming, please reach out to your local center or practice group to explore possibilities for developing programming. Introductory materials, resources, and lesson plans are available through the KUSZ.


“Child’s mind is Buddha’s mind. Just seeing, just doing is truth. Then, using this mind means when you are hungry, eat. When someone is hungry, give them food.”

– Zen Master Seung Sahn

“My son said they teach you how to be nice, respectful, how to meditate and how to be mindful. He said it’s fun, you do activities and they read you books. And I notice that he does pay attention. A lot of times the kids are sort of shuffling about and wiggling in their cushions but it’s sinking in. I really feel like the seeds are being planted.”

– Dharma School Parent