Local practice in a worldwide network of centers.


Zen Master Seung Sahn founded the Kwan Um School in 1972. Our teaching is rooted in the ancient Korean Seon (Zen) tradition, with many adaptations to the requirements of modern life.

When you practice within a community, you can quickly go beyond obstacles to wisdom and compassion. The Kwan Um School of Zen exists solely to help you in that effort by maintaining over 35 Zen centers in the Americas and many more in other regions.

The Kwan Um School of Zen focuses on practice. And, at the heart of practice, is don’t know mind, the mind that opens naturally and unconditionally to each moment. Our innate wisdom and compassion flow through this opening to support the well-being of all creatures

Each center is an engaged community of practitioners (sangha) under the leadership of a guiding teacher. As a whole, the Americas region is guided by a board of trustees of over 20 authorized Zen teachers.