Important Korean ancestors are:

Chinul who shaped Korean Buddhism in the 11thcentury. Tracing Back the Radianceis an exensive selection from his work.

Taego was the first Korean to receive formal transmission (from a Chinese teacher); all Korean lineages trace back to him. He was a major Buddhist teacher in both Korea and China. A Buddha from Koreais a compilation of his writings.

So Sahn whose Mirror of Zenis a distillation of 17thcentury Korean Soen still used in monastic training.

Kyong Ho the great reformer of Korean Buddhism in the late 19th/early 20thcentury; he is the great great grandfather of our school; our temple rules are a modification of his.

Man Gong the great grandfather of our school.

Ko Bong the grandfather of our school.

Seung Sahn the father of our school.

The best introduction to Korean Zen is (of course) Zen Master Seung Sahn’s books. Richard Shrobe’s Don’t Know Mind: The Spirit of Korean Zen is also an excellent resource.