Zen practice means sharing this world with the sun, animals, trees, and all of life. If your practice is correct, you become harmonious with the rest of the universe.

—Zen Master Seung Sahn



Local Zen centers offer many ongoing programs to support your practice. From meditation instruction and regular practice, to retreats, talks and workshops. Contact your local Zen center for a complete list of programs.

The American region of the Kwan Um School gathers together several times each year for programs that support the entire sangha. These include:

Sangha weekends, usually centered around a traditional Buddhist celebration, such as Buddha’s Birthday. These weekends offer ceremonies, workshops and community meetings, and are a great opportunity to meet other Zen practitioners, and spend time with teachers and friends.

Kyol Che retreats are periods of intensive meditation practice, ranging from one week to three months in length. These retreats offer a precious opportunity to look deeply into your life. These summer and winter retreats occur at Diamond Hill Zen Monastery in Rhode Island, as well as at locations in Europe, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Dharma teacher retreats provide a way for senior practitioners to learn from one another and have close interactions with teachers. These are held in the autumn at Providence Zen Center in Rhode Island.

For a complete listing of events, please visit our Event Calendar: 2019-2023